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Listed below are some good practices to follow when putting up your antenna’s
1. At least two people to do the job. Three is better.
2. Equipment
a. Safety Belt
i. Not frayed
ii. Overall good condition
iii. Safety Rope / use of it while climbing
1. Good Hooks (able to hold 400 pounds)
2. Not Frayed
3. No Mold inside ( twist open to inspect it )
4. Proper Length
iv. Tool Pouch
1. Roomy, not packed full
v. Clothing
1. Close fitting, not sloppy, not tight
2. Gloves ( for protection and warmth )
3. Shoes
a. NO Sneakers
b. Hard Soles
c. Good fit
b. Cable for guying
i. Galvanized
ii. Strength - able to withstand strong winds (75 mph?)
iii. No Insulators (not necessary and not needed)
iv. Use cable eyelets to wrap cable
v. Use two fasteners on cables
vi. Don’t over tighten cables
vii. Use good links to guy cable to tower
viii. Use good swivel eyelets to fasten cable to tower.
These are just a few things that may help you have a safer antenna installation.
Also keep in mind where your electric power lines are
when doing this project!
Happy Hamming!
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