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2.7 New officers shall be installed at the first business meeting of the following year.

2.8 An officer may be removed by a vote of the General Membership.

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3.1.1 Shall preside over all club meetings.

3.1.2 Shall be in charge of developing a plan for the progress of the club.

3.1.3 Shall organize the club meetings.

3.1.4 May appoint an audit committee.

3.1.5 May appoint members to carry out specific club related tasks.


3.2.1 Shall assist the president as needed.

3.2.2 Shall preside over meetings in the absence of the president.

3.2.3 Shall be responsible for managing the ‘Social Net’ including running the net or setting up Net Control Operator rotations and keeping net logs.

3.2.4 Shall organize or help organize the club meetings as needed.

3.2.5 Shall handle the club insurance needs.


3.3.1 Shall be responsible for taking the minutes of all meetings.

3.3.2 Shall read the minutes from the previous month at the beginning of each General

Membership meeting.

3.3.3 Shall be responsible for mailing or e-mailing club announcements.

3.3.4 Shall oversee the club website and may solicit assistance to maintain it.

3.3.5 Shall be responsible for updating the ECRA Handbook when deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.


3.4.1 Shall be in charge of the ECRA funds.

3.4.2 Shall be responsible for paying utilities, insurance and all other club related bills as

authorized by the Board of Directors.

3.4.3 Shall be responsible for mailing dues renewal forms to members and new applicants.

3.4.4 Shall handle any tax related correspondence with the State and IRS.

3.4.5 Shall prepare a financial summary to be read into the minutes at the General Membership meetings.

3.4.6 Shall prepare a year end financial statement and deliver it for review at the next ECRA Board of Directors meeting.

3.4.7 Shall provide the Secretary with information about changes to members’ address, phone, e-mail, status, etc.


3.5.1 Shall oversee operation of ECRA repeaters and equipment and may solicit assistance to maintain them.

3.5.2 Shall keep the technical manuals for ECRA radio equipment.

3.5.3 Shall keep a basic record of ECRA equipment.

3.5.4 Shall make or arrange for repairs and adjustments to ECRA radio equipment as needed.

3.5.5 Shall recommend improvements to ECRA radio systems and implement new circuits as needed with approval from the Board of Directors.

3.5.6 Shall maintain the club station license with the FCC.

3.5.7 Shall work with the Indiana Repeater Council to maintain repeater coordination.

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4.1 General membership meetings shall be held at such place as the President shall order.

4.2 Special meetings may be called by the President upon the written request of any five members of the club.
Bylaws Continued
Elkhart County Radio Association